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Uairebhuidhe - pronounced Y’air-BOO-ee

(rhymes with fair louie) ~ See her story below

from the Faylinn Collection by jules d'An

(Celtic Fairy Art by Julie Sartain)

Uairebhuidhe was the fairy goddess and guardian protector of all birds (aka, the bird goddess). The ancient Celts believed that birds represented the transition from the human world to the Otherworld (i.e., the Celtic Land of the Dead), where they were reborn after death. Sacred birds such as the owl, the eagle, and the blackbird carried the souls of mortals to various Otherworld realms such as Tir na nOg, Tir na mBeo, Tir na mBan, and Tir Tairngiri.

Uairebhuidhe’s portrait contains 132 photographs and illustrations (plus digital painting & effects). She has been reworked; however, 11 times (once almost completely and, this last time, a complete re-design), and this is the final result.


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