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Amerach—pronounced AM-er-rock

(rhymes with HAMmer-lock) ~ See her story below

from the Faylinn Collection by jules d'An

(Celtic Fairy Art by Julie Sartain)

Amerach was a Druid priestess, a shaman (pronounced SHAY-mon in Celtic), and a wizard from Ulster. She could manipulate time (her mentor was Gebann, the only wizard who could manipulate time until he taught this very special skill to Amerach), control the stars, and make humans (and faes) immortal. And although fairies live a very long time, if they choose to live and play in the human worlds, they do, eventually die.

Amerach is pictured here consulting the stars in her magic nebula. Like the amulets and talismans from fairy tales, she drew her strength and power from this nebula and walked on a beam of starlight to reach its borders. She always carries her magic crystal mounted in the top of her staff wand and wears a band of gold on her brow to keep other seers from reading her mind. Her violet dress is woven from beams of starlight and her wings are fairy duplicates of bat wings. Amerach’s portrait contains 125 photographs and illustrations. Read more about Amerach on the story card that comes with this beautiful photographic portrait.


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