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Blathnat ~ pronounced BLAW-not

(rhymes with claw dot) ~ see her story below

from the Faylinn Collection by jules d'An

(Celtic Fairy Art by Julie Sartain)

Blathnat was the princess/queen daughter of Midhir, the fairy king of Bri Leith, Bri’s sister, and second cousin (once removed) to Plur na mBan. Blathnat and Plur na mBan were both flower fairies: Blathnat means “little flower” and Plur na mBan means “woman of flowers.” They looked more like sisters than second cousins. And although Blathnat was much older than Plur na mBan, more like an aunt than a cousin, they were great friends and much closer than Blathnat was to her own sister Bri.

Blathnat’s portrait has 107 photographs and illustrations. Pictured here in her garden under her arbor of flowers, Blathnat tiptoes thru a shower of petals as she contemplates her next journey across the islands. Her skirt is an inverted tulip, her vest is woven pansies, and her body suit is made from the leaves of the weeping willow trees that border her castle in Bri Leith.


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