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Boadicea - pronounced bo-duh-SEE-ugh

(rhymes with soda leah)

from the Faylinn Collection by jules d'An

(Celtic Fairy Art by Julie Sartain)


Boadicea was the Celtic Queen of Iceni. When her husband, King Prasutagus died suddenly in 60 CE, the Roman Empire tried to seize all her lands and wealth (instead of just the territories that her husband had agreed to forfeit to the Emperor Nero). When she refused, the Roman soldiers arrested and tortured Boadicea, then brutalized and raped her two daughters Comorra and Tasca.


When Boadicea was released, she declared war on the Empire. She rallied the Iceni and the other neighboring tribes, the Trinovanti, Cornovii, Durotiges and, eventually, amassed an army of over 100,000 and marched on the Roman settlements from Comulodunum to Londinium and Verulamium.


She was a formidable foe and not to be reckoned with but, as in all wars, the heroes eventually fall, and so it was with Boadicea. She and her rebel army fell at the hands of Governor Suetonius’ army of 10,000 legionaries and, even though Boadicea and her daughters escaped, they chose to take their own lives rather than surrender to the Romans as political prisoners and suffer a short life of torture and slavery.


Boadicea had long, thick, dark red hair and bright green eyes. Her name means “victorious” and her totem animal was the hare, which she released from her cloak to alert her allies to battle. She is pictured here in war paint with her armor and her arsenal of weapons displayed about, and her totem hare at her side. This collage contains 96 photographs and illustrations plus several dozen Photoshop effects.


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