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Mal (the Winter Fairy & Goddess of the Mountains)

  pronounced MOL (rhymes with Fall)~ see story below

from the Faylinn Collection by jules d'An

(Celtic Fairy Art by Julie Sartain)


Mal was the fairy goddess of the mountains, specifically, the jagged cliffs along Irelandís western coast. She was the guardian and protector of all those who traveled through her realm, but she was also the master of their fate. She decided who survived her rugged terrain and often tested the survival skills of those who trespassed without her blessing.


One very handsome, young man wandered into her canyons one day and caught her eye. He impressed her with his skills and clever intellect, avoiding her traps and escaping the elements of fire, wind, rain, and snow she poured down upon him. They played cat and mouse for weeks; another man would have given up and left her domain or died. But he survivedóher landslides, avalanches, blizzards, ice, and floods just humored him. He laughed in the face of danger as if playing a game of tag. His valor and roguish youth amused and excited her. So one day, she came down from her pedestal peaks, introduced herself to him, and they fell in love.

Malís portrait contains 56 photographs and illustrations (plus digital painting & effects). Read more about Mal on the story card that comes with this beautiful photographic portrait.


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