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Wholesale Information & Pricing

All of the Faery Legend portraits in the Faylinn Collection come in four sizes: 5x7, 8x10, 10x13, and 11x14. These pictures are a multimedia combination of photographs, illustrations, paintings, and digital art. Each finished piece is a collage of 40 to 100+ photographs with faces and faery wings hand painted into the collage, then merged together to create an amazingly REAL LIFE portrait of an actual person who lived during the Celtic reign (from about 3000 BC to 900 AD).  

These portraits ARE NOT laser or ink jet printed pictures on photograph paper, but REAL photographs using the full, 4-color, photographic process and developed on beautiful satin Fuji paper.

Portraits are available in black or white mats (all acid free) or unmatted on acid free poster board, both displayed in a clear poly bag. In addition, each portrait comes with a beautiful illustrated card that tells the individual faery’s story; that is, his/ her name, history, home, lifestyle, clan, etc. And because these portraits are actual photographs and not just prints, they will last through many lifetimes.

NOTE: Quantity purchases include any/all designs; i.e., you can combine multiple designs into one order. For example, if you order 25 portraits, these 25 can be 25 different designs; all one design, or 10 copies of one design and 15 copies of another. 

Unmatted Prints (Shipped directly from printer in poly bag with story cards)


Quantity Breakdown

5 x 7 photo

in ploy bags

8 x 10 photo

in ploy bags

10 x 13 photo

in ploy bags

11 x 14 photo

in ploy bags

  6 - 25

6.00 each

8.00 each

10.00 each

15.00 each

  26 - 99 5.50 each 7.50 each 9.50 each 14.50 each
  100 - 499 5.00 each 7.00 each 9.00 each 14.00 each
  500+ 4.50 each 6.50 each 8.50 each 13.50 each

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call for pricing

call for pricing

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Faery Legends is a wholesale, portfolio website, which means we do not sell directly to the public and we do not compete with our retailers for sales (however, orders of six or more are considered wholesale purchases). Instead, we list our retailers on the Buyer's page and provide a link to your website so you can sell these beautiful portraits to your customers at your choice of retail prices. Inclusion on the Buyer's page is not a requirement, but a courtesy that you may exercise or not.

For orders: call Faery Legends at 251-272-3448, or email us at:



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No sales tax added on wholesale orders; however, shipping fees are applied.


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